We are SAF Approved!

Added: 06 February 2017

Our Specialist Automotive Finance (SAF) Approved status recognises Complete Vehicle Management’s (CVM’s) commitment to increased professional standards and motor finance knowledge.

Our used car showroom and fleet management and leasing departments are SAF Approved and all our employees who are involved in the sale of finance have passed the SAF competence test.

Why should I buy from a SAF Approved dealer we hear you cry! Here are a few reasons:

·  We can give you improved information on the different car finance options available
·  You can have greater confidence and trust in the car finance products we sell in our showroom
·  We will help find the right agreement for you and your budget
·  We will personally guide you through the process of applying for car finance

Specialist Automotive Finance (SAF) was introduced by the Finance & Leasing Association (FLA) in 2007 to boost professionalism in motor dealerships and increase consumer confidence in car finance.

For more information about our SAF Approved status, please visit the SAF dedicated website